Marketing Communication

Communication is the best way to improve the performance. Communication can be categorized into two parts . They are Verbal Communication and Non Verbal Communication. With the development in the internet , the organization had changed their Marketing and distribution activities online. Marketing Communication will be successful if the receivers and senders are involved in a way that the senders can see the effectiveness of the Marketing Communication and get the responses from receivers.In the past companies only used to control the things that were told to their services /brand by dominating communication. But nowadays ,its impossible for the company to control the message as the customers uses various means of modern communication  through the websites, blogs,email, text and other social network.Marketing Communication process is way in which  the sender gets the feedback and can analysis the message to the targeted audiences through the means of different means of communication tools  and gets feedback from the audiences. The system of Marketing Communications is through the advertising.

Summary of Key characteristics of Marketing  Communications Tools

Advertising Sales Promotion PR Personal Selling Direct Response Media
Ability to deliver a personal message Low Low Low High High
Ability to reach a large audience High Medium Medium Low Medium
Level of interaction Low Low Low High High
Credibility given by target audience Low High High Medium Medium
Absolute costs High Medium Low High Medium
Cost per contact Low Medium Low High High
Wastage High Medium Low High Medium
Size of investment High Medium Low High Medium
Ability to target particular audiences Medium High Low Medium High
Flexibility of the tool Medium High Low Medium High


While planning the marketing Communication campaigns one should follow the following rules listed below as follows:

  1.  Objective of the Marketing Campaign
  2. Set the budget.
  3. Clearly state the Target Audience .
  4. Decide which Marketing Communications strategies to use .
  5. Plan Implementation.
  6. Analysis the Feedback of the Campaign.

Marketing communication budget is also important factors where there would be Affordable, Point of sales, Competitive equality and objective and tasks.With the rise of marketing needs more precise strategy are used with the help of Integrated Marketing Communication strategy where it begins with the customers desire and needs.

While doing my Assignment i came to know more about the how Marketing communication plays an important role for the company.i got chance to know more about the significant trends in Current Marketing Communication like Digital Marketing , Advertising, Social Media, Brand Analysis and Public relation.I came to know how the Foley’s Bar and Restaurant are dealing with the Marketing demand of the Customers. Through my research , i came to know that Foley’ s bar and restaurant are not using enough Marketing tools for the company. It’s a digital world and the company should adopt according to time. As i would like to suggest them to create the Mobile Application of their restaurant . As we know that more than 82% of Irish people has access to the internet at their home.


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