Marketing Communication Strategy of easyJet

Overview of the company

easyJet has been one of the low- budget aircraft  which was founded by Stelio Haje -lononou . Stelio Haje -lononou was the son of the Greek Shipping tycoon. easyJet started its business from two aitcrafts only. But now they do have more than 240 aircrafts on more than 780 routes to 130 airports around 32 countries.

Digital Marketing of easyJet Airways

easyjJet had focused i its digital marketing through the help of internet . With the help of their website they had ease the people from different countries to make the booking easy as their website can be viewed in 15 different languages .But easyJet prefer to stick to the internet booking and telephone booking for their business as they want to reduce the cost for opening the office and hiring staff for the company.

Rival and Competitors of easyJet Airways

easyJet and Ryanair airline provides services within the European airline industry with the low fare internationally and regionally. Reduction of the operating cost of the flights gives them flexibility for reducing the flight fares. easyJet focus on best turnaround at each time to make maximum profits. Both the easyJet and Ryan air have extended their additional service which as a result  easyJet had achieved 115 %  improvement in additional services Additional services includes car rentals, Hotels , Parking at airport and Travel insurance with their official partner companies.easyJet had lessen the loss of passenger flight revenue . In contrast Ryanair had improved slightly only by 23% in their additional service with passenger and target to achieve the revenue. easyJet achieved the GB Airways in January 2008 whereas Aer Lingus refused the proposal of Ryanair for the corporate achievement.

Future recommendation for the easyJet Airways

As for the future recommendation some could be the co- operation between the easy  business for instant easyCar  to make additional services to the customer for the airport drop and pick up facilities. Additionally, they can increase the number of new routes for the flights and can do the connection flight with the easyJet Flights .It’s better for the easyJet to create a loyalty card to the frequent travellers which can be used for the special discount offer for the traveller while buying the tickets for them. It’s worth for the easyJet airline to have real offices in different countries to assist the customers. To improve its service easyJet can open its branches to the airport to help the customers. When real office are opened those customer who are not willing to give the card detail can book the flight. As a result the sales will increase and there will be more profit for the company.easyJet should change the means of advertisement based on television broadcasting. easyJet should encourage their staffs for the best service. easyJet seems to use different strategy to get into the market, There are positive and negative strategies that are being used by the company . The way of making the fast turnover and minimizing the landing charges in all airports expand them to the bigger market. It is better for the easyJet to focus on the leisure traveller rather than rely on business traveller where they are willing to pay more cost for the the other hand Use of different pricing strategy make them ahead from other competitors .on the other hand easyJet may lose the big amount of customer who don’t trust to give the details of their card in the phone or in internet for booking. It’s not a good idea for expecting to book the flight through phone and internet. It’s better to open the office and branches to the different countries.